custom pool grotto with falls

Pool Grotto Answers For The Back Yard Enthusiast.

Many pool owners, or those who wish to add a pool to their house, think of installing a pool grotto. A grotto is a waterfall feature with a cave where you may swim or sit. When determining whether or not to add a grotto to a pool, there are a few factors to consider.

Why Include a Grotto in Your Pool?

What exactly is the function of a grotto pool? Is it worthwhile to invest in a pool grotto? How much does it cost to construct a grotto? Adding a grotto or waterfall element to a pool may improve its aesthetics while also increasing the pleasure and excitement for pool owners.

A grotto may also increase the value of a home. Pools with additional amenities may enhance the value of a property by up to 7%, according to Homeadvisor. Because of its natural appearance, grottoes may be a smart investment for individuals looking to add a touch of luxury to their pool.

What Constitutes a Grotto?

The majority of grottoes are made of man-made rock. Previously, creating a rock from a rubber mold was a popular alternative. The Dugybear cast rock is a newer choice that is cast from genuine rock and offers a realistic texture and appearance to the component.

Grotto Alternatives

What is the cost of a pool with a grotto? When constructing a grotto or cave feature, cost is usually a major concern. To match your budget, most builders will provide “excellent, better, best” variations.

The cost is determined by what is included in the design. Most simple grottoes, for example, cost between $10,000 and $15,000, whereas grottoes with extra elements like slides and stairs might cost between $20,000 and $50,000.

Landscape Design for a Grotto

When constructing a grotto or waterfall feature, you must consider landscaping. Because some experienced landscapers are unfamiliar with water design elements, it is best to hire a pool feature specialist who also provides landscaping services to ensure that the grotto and landscape designs complement one other.

The Usefulness of a Grotto

While the appearance and feel of a grotto waterfall element are significant, functioning should also be taken into account. You’ll want the waterfall to return to the pool. It was difficult to get water to flow back into the pool until the newer cave and grotto components became available.


A grotto built of natural stone would be excessively heavy and would damage the environment surrounding the pool as well as the pool itself. Our panel masonry technology produces rock, stone and comparable solutions that appear as real rock and stone. All to provide a grotto that is only around one-fifth the weight of natural stone.

Time Component water feature systems that are not built of genuine stone may make it simpler to rearrange rocks to the customer’s liking. A modest grotto element will typically take a staff half a day to build. Larger elements, such as slides and staircases, might take up to three weeks to build.

Including More Fun Activities in Your Pool

Other features can be added to a component water feature system. Slides with stairs are frequently added to grottoes to increase the fun factor of the pool area. These upgrades will, of course, be more expensive, but they may provide value in the long term.

The Bottom Line When It Comes to Grottos

A grotto is an excellent method to enhance the beauty and excitement of a pool area. A waterfall feature with a cave may help increase the value of a home. When constructing a grotto, cost, scenery, and utility should all be considered. This article should have provided you with enough information to help you determine if a grotto would be a good addition to your pool.

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