What Makes Us Different?

The hardscaping services & systems we incorporate are:

1). A vertical panel masonry technology that acts as it’s own substrate. With this we build things like outdoor kitchens, waterfalls, outdoor fireplaces, firepits, kitchen countertops & much more.

2). A WallBuilder technology that surpasses all other wall building techniques as ours are without forms. With this we build things like ponds, retaining walls, creak-bed waterfalls, stairways & more.

Both of these separate & distinct systems eliminate the need to build foundations and or use forms. Both are 100% self sustaining. (meaning: they stand on their own!) The process & materials we use can only be obtained through licensed dealers.

Our products and processes are hands down top-shelf for quality and satisfaction in outdoor living spaces. It is the most elegant and gorgeous, resort-style, outdoor living systems money can buy but without the hefty resort price tag. They are 100% custom designed to fit into your own dream back yard.

Featured in HGTV and other outdoor living publications as a luxury solution in outdoor landscape design and architecture. This is what separates us from the rest of the world.  

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Montana Waterfall Project

Backyard Waterfalls

Backyard waterfalls are increasingly being implemented throughout the nation in this post-pandemic world. Everyone is home more often now than ever before and working from home has become the norm. Are you ready for your own piece of the "backyard makeover" pie?

Pond with waterfall

Ponds With Waterfalls

All of our waterfalls (unless there is a pool involved) have a pond or water source associated with them to pump water up to the top of the waterfalls. Our system setup does not require tying into your plumbing and thus doesn't require permits.

Caves and Grottos1.2

Grottos and Caves

Grottos and caves are a one of a kind "man cave" secret place for you know... private moments... with your spouse. It is very popular with millennials and gen-x , but its gaining traction among many age groups as well.

Formless retaining step falls and walls

Cascading Water Falls

Cascading water falls are for more of that relaxing type of venue people pursue after a long day of work. Water sounds are very relaxing and take you back to your pre-natal roots with comfort, rest and security.

Poolside Falls with Slide

Pool Slides

Our pool slides are custom built with multiple choices for materials. We've built every imaginable water slide you can think of with great success in the final product. They are fun and enjoyable with all the kids, including some grown up one's...

monolithic boulder falls & pond falls

Pool Waterfalls

Pool waterfalls are a very popular choice for the outdoor living space. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes all custom built to your standards and plans.

dugybear outdoor living Retaining Wall With Waterfall

Water Feature Design

Pool slide with waterfall and cave

Megalithic Water Features

another waterwall

Water Wall

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Dugybear Outdoor Living is a company that specializes in outdoor living spaces but especially water features! We offer complete design, installation, and maintenance services for your home or business.

If you have any questions about our products and services or how we can help with your water feature project, please don’t hesitate to reach us! We will discuss how our outdoor living space services can improve your outdoor dream experience!

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