how to choose outdoor carpet for your deck(1)Published by Dugybear Outdoor Living on Nov. 24, 2021

Whether it’s a special family gathering or a mid-day snack after a hard day at work, dining outdoors on a comfy deck at home makes the meal more pleasurable. Securing an indoor/outdoor carpet reduces slips and falls caused by stray edges on slick decks or when children run through the backyard on their way to play.

How to Select the Best Outdoor Carpet for a Deck

When it comes to choosing an indoor/outdoor carpet for a deck, there are several design styles, textures, and pile depths to consider. Weather resistance is also a feature of most indoor/outdoor carpeting. When properly maintained for, an excellent waterproof deck carpet will endure several seasons, especially in extreme weather.

Choose a carpet that is pleasant to walk on with bare feet to ensure that you and your guests will appreciate the ground cover all year. It should be stain resistant as well as visually appealing in order to complement the colors and design of your outdoor furniture and surrounding buildings.

Where Can I Buy Indoor/Outdoor Carpet?

Outdoor carpet in rolls may be purchased in lengths to accommodate any size or form of deck you choose to adorn. Any rough edges may be smoothed up with extra-wide duct tape after measuring the deck and purchasing the necessary length and breadth of carpet.

Wrap half of the duct tape around each edge of the rug, attaching it to the back side. Fold the other half over the visible side of the carpet. Work gently around the edge to avoid bubbles. When you reach to the finish, save a few inches of duct tape to fold into a stylish triangle to make a corner.

Indoor/outdoor carpet rolls are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate almost any deck at home improvement retailers. Outdoor carpet is also available at Walmart in rolls that may be attached to the deck with no effort and hardware.

How to Put Down Outdoor Carpet

Before you start laying down your carefully chosen outdoor carpet, make sure you have a few days of dry weather with mild winds. Clear the deck of any debris and sweep it well using a push broom.

Roll the completed carpet out onto the deck where it will be permanently installed. Allow it to sit for at least an hour before putting furniture on it. Once it is in its proper shape, you may indicate where you know the carpet’s edges will be.

Place double-sided tape where the carpet edge meets the deck surface. Remove the paper off the top of the other side of the tape now. Remove the top paper and roll out the carpet over the double-sided tape if there are no seams. Finally, use a carpet roller to ensure that the carpet adheres to the tape beneath neatly.

Carpet Sewn Seams

If the roll is insufficient, you can join the seams together to make them flush. Place double-sided tape where two pieces of carpet come together.

About 2 inches from the edge, overlap the carpet. It should not be flush with the tape. Apply seam adhesive to the carpet’s borders. Cut through both carpets to produce a single seam that blends the two carpet edges together nicely.

If you’re covering the whole deck, be sure the carpet doesn’t come into contact with any outside walls or solid deck walls. This will result in water accumulation and the attraction of pests. It will also be more difficult to remove damp leaves, grime, and debris.

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