Duel custom Firepits with benches

Published by Dugybear Outdoor Living on Nov. 25, 2021 Happy Thanksgiving
Dugybear Outdoor Living specializes in the construction of outdoor fire pits. The purpose of Dugybear is to create your outdoor living area a place where you can rest, entertain, and spend time with friends and family.

Dugybear Outdoor Living has created hundreds of various sorts of fire pits for a wide range of people, from the outdoorsman searching for a place to cook over an open flame while camping at home to those looking for a means to build warm memories with their family and friends on cool fall evenings.

Dugybear Outdoor Living provides custom built designs, so please call us immediately if you need assistance creating or building your perfect outdoor living environment!

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We understand how difficult it can be to get everyone together at the same time, which is why we offer outdoor fire pits! We employ high-quality materials to ensure safety and a great experience for everyone involved.

Choose From Our Various Options

Fire Pits Made For Gas

Gas FirePits Lined Up

Gas fire pits are the equivalent of a gas grill on steroids. They’re ideal for folks who enjoy the convenience of gas cooking but seek more taste, or who want to dazzle their visitors by creating an environment suitable for outdoor gatherings. Gas fire pits offer all of the pleasures of warm gatherings with natural flames without the possible risks of messy cleanup and enormous wood stacks in your yard – it’s no surprise they’ve been gaining favor recently!

Fire Pits That Burn Wood

Firepit with burning Logs Stacked High

Wood-burning fire pits are a traditional garden feature that adds charm and comfort. These machines, however, require more maintenance than their gas equivalents. The Dugybear Outdoor Living team of professionals can assist you in finding the appropriate outdoor fireplace or fire pit for the style and feel of your space while also following any safety standards in place in your region.

Pits For Electric Fireselectric Outdoor Firepit with glass insets closeup

With its LED lights, you may create your own illumination to suit any mood. It is simple to use and maintain because it does not require any fuel, such as charcoal, firewood, or propane tanks. Plus, with a variety of finishes in hues such as brushed copper, deep bronze, and hammered black iron, there are lots of alternatives! The Dugybear Outdoor Living electric fire pit is a terrific way to create a romantic and pleasant outdoor setting without the burden of wood or gas.

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