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Set your eyes on the most beautiful campus in America. The Oxford-Lafayette County Economic Development Foundation is rolling out the Green Carpet with a $200 Early Bird Sale, making this a great Christmas present for any garden enthusiast.

The Landscaping Camp is scheduled for Memorial Weekend, May 27-28, with University of Mississippi Director of Landscape Services Jeff McManus as the keynote speaker.

“It’s wonderful to mix together a couple of loves like you get folks that love gardening and the green thumb element of life,” McManus added. “Then there’s the other part of people who love Oxford and love Ole Miss who are there as well.” When you combine those passions, it results in perfection.

Along with other experts, he is the mastermind behind the national honors for making Ole Miss the most beautiful campus in the country. McManus will give campers a personal tour of the Ole Miss campus as well as teach them his famed skill: pruning.

“We are thrilled to be celebrating the fifth year of the Landscaping Camp,” said Rosie Vassallo, director of retiree attraction at the EDF and camp director. “When I came up with the concept of presenting the glories of the Ole Miss Campus six years ago and teaming with Jeff McManus and the University of Mississippi, we had no clue how many tourists it would bring to our city.” Campers have come from Texas, Tennessee, California, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Wisconsin, and all around Mississippi.”

Vassallo stated that each year has been a big success as campers indulge their enthusiasm for outdoor space and field excursions, obtaining the finest advise from McManus and other botanical experts, as well as tips and methods on how to do the same in their own house.

The camp is intended to provide practical guidance, low-maintenance techniques, and imaginative ways to beautifying landscapes of all sizes. Landscape Camp is also intended to persuade tourists to choose Oxford as their next visit.

Landscaping Campers tell it like it is. According to the EDF, they have gotten “great marks” in our last four camp surveys and hope to continue this success.

“Everyone who has come and received it as a present has always told us what a fantastic gift it was, how shocked they were, how much they enjoy it, and that they will be back next year,” McManus said.

The camp begins with an opening night supper and book signing, when guests will get a copy of one of McManus’ novels.

Along with McManus, the memorial weekend speaker lineup includes Wendy Carmean, a Plantscaper and proprietor of Wend & Willow Florals, who will lecture on “Front Porch Curb Appeal;” Ken Hackman, Madison Central High School’s Zoological Field Studies Coordinator, will focus on “Gardening for the Birds,” while Karen Travillo, a Master Gardener for Lafayette County, will educate our campers on “Attractive Fast Growing Noninvasive Vines.”

To top it off, an exclusive trip will take place on route the renowned Double Decker Bus to the wonderfully manicured house of Bo and Jodie Marsalis, which is inspired by McManus, and campers will be able to witness historic landmarks of the City Oxford along the way.

If you’re looking for a unique and exciting experience to give to someone who has everything, McManus suggests the Landscaping Camp.

“This is the ideal present,” he added. “They get to go to Oxford, Mississippi, and have a fantastic weekend.” There is so much in the worth that they have. It’s a fantastic offer.”

Campers are asked to bring comfortable shoes and a camera and to register for the Landscaping Camp as soon as possible.

The deadline to take advantage of the Early Bird deal is January 1st; after that date, the price will be $300. Attendance is restricted, so don’t be late.

There will be no tents at this camp. The Inn at Ole Miss is happy to offer a reduced rate of $109 per night for a Deluxe Accommodation or $149 per night for a Deluxe Suite. These prices are for single/double occupancy. Additional adults will be charged $10 per person. Make reservations here

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